Save the Dugong Beaded Bracelet


This little bracelet makes a big impact. Each one purchased funds the removal of 20 lbs of waste from rivers and canals in Bangkok, keeping it out of our oceans.  After covering specific costs (manufacturing of the package, shipping and handling) TerraCycle pays the TerraCycle Global Foundation 100% of proceeds from your purchase of products in this collection.  The beads are made from 100% recycled material, 100% of which is the TerraCycle blend—a mix of materials collected by the TerraCycle Global Foundation combined with waste recycled by the TerraCycle community.

The 6 beads in the center of the bracelet represent the 6 tons of waste (12,000 lbs) that the Foundation removes each week from waterways in Bangkok with support from individuals like you.

An image of a dugong is embossed on the bead joining the wristband’s cords. A dugong is an endangered marine animal that lives in coastal waters in Asia and Eastern Africa. Threatened by plastic pollution, dugongs thrive in healthy seagrass meadows, and their presence there keeps those carbon absorbing ecosystems healthy. 

Each bracelet is lightweight, waterproof, and adjustable.

Exact colors may vary due to recycled content

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