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Made from the trash
we’ve recycled together.

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You asked, we listened.

Our community of collectors often ask if they can purchase products made from the waste they recycled through TerraCycle. The answer is now YES! We’re excited to share a small collection of products created from materials we collected and recycled together.

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Home & Organization

Whether you have a green thumb or live a green lifestyle, you’ll find all types of containers to hold everything from plants to recycling to office supplies.


Recycled & Upcycled Gifts

There’s something for everyone on your list with these recycled gifts that make a difference. It’s simple to find unique and impactful items even for your most sustainability-minded friends.


Tech & Accessories

We have functional and fashionable products that will have both you and your devices fully charged and ready to hit the town.


Each product purchased from the TerraCycle Global Foundation collection funds the removal of 20 lbs of trash from our rivers, keeping it from reaching our oceans. Proceeds go to funding our cleanup work, so your purchase makes an impact.


Collect via TerraCycle

Trash is kept out of landfills and oceans by our collector community.

TerraCycle Made

Using recycled materials reduces the need for virgin natural resources to be extracted.

Recycle via TerraCycle

At the end of their useful life, these products can be recycled through TerraCycle.

What’s next? You tell us!

We made these products based on feedback from our collectors, and this is only the beginning! Please share any ideas about future products you’d like to see us create from the trash we collect together. We’d love to hear from you.

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