Save the Dugong Flying Disc

Save the Dugong Flying Disc

Product Details

Ever hear of a flying dugong? We hadn’t either, until now. This disc is perfect to toss around with friends at the beach or in your backyard. It’s made from 100% recycled materials, over half of which is the TerraCycle blend—a mix of materials collected by the TerraCycle Global Foundation’s cleanup efforts and the TerraCycle community.

Weighing 175 grams, this flying disc is regulation Ultimate size but also fun for beginners.

The disc is stamped with the silhouette of a dugong. Dugongs help fight climate change by cultivating healthy seagrass meadows, but they are a vulnerable species threatened by plastic pollution. Toss this disc and watch the dugong fly! 

The flying disc is lightweight and durable. 100% of the proceeds go to funding our waterway cleanup work.

Exact colors may vary due to recycled content