Aerosol - SalonCycle Recycling Box


How It Works:

  1. Order: Order the SalonCycle Aerosol Recycling Box to collect your aerosol canisters. Your products will be shipped directly to you.
  2. Collect: Place your SalonCycle products in the designated areas to collect your respective waste. 
  3. Ship and Return: Once your product(s) are full, you can send it back to TerraCycle by using the pre-affixed UPS shipping label. When TerraCycle receives your shipment, everything in the box(es) will be sorted and recycled, the human hair will be composted and excess color will be converted waste-to-energy based on federal guidelines. 
  4. Reorder: Order your next Aerosol Recycling Box and/or additional SalonCycle products to keep you recycling program going!

* SalonCycle always advocates local recycling and composting solutions first. Waste that cannot be recycled locally should be recycled through SalonCycle.


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What you can recycle

  • Air Freshener Cans
  • Cleaner Cans
  • Hairspray Cans
  • Insect Spray Cans
  • Personal Care Product Cans

This box does not accept:

  • Asthmatic Inhalers
  • Expandable Foam
  • Pepper Sprays
  • Refrigerants with CFC

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