Fullgreen Packaging Recycling Solution

Recycle all Fullgreen Plastic Packaging with these recycling solutions

Fullgreen Packaging - Recycling Solution

Use these recycling solutions to recycle Fullgreen Plastic Packaging
Using this solution is easy and convenient. Just order, fill, and send back to TerraCycle for recycling. (A prepaid return shipping label is included in your purchase.)
Fullgreen Sustainability Agenda. As a business, we want to make a positive impact to the health of people and the world around us, which is why we have committed ourselves to a Sustainability agenda for Fullgreen. We recognize that we are far from perfect and still can do so much more to contribute to the health of people and our planet. The initiatives below are only the start & we continue to look for opportunities to make positive changes in areas where we have the largest impact, and leave a positive footprint where we can.
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